DAV Flight Team

DAV Flight Team

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1944-1958 USAAF-USAF
1960-1964 Fire Bomber in Arizona
1964-1970 Richard and Bob Howe, Southern Florida- sprayer for Orange Groves and mosquitos
1970-1978 SST Museum, St Cloud Florida
1978- Acquired by Tom Reilly, RE\estoration began
1986- Restoration completed BOM corporation, owner, Texas
1988- Rick Korf, Geneseo NY purchased
1997- Purchased by Larry Kelley
2002- Larry Kelley partnered with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to take the DAV message of Service to the American public at Air Shows and other events.
2005- SuperBowl Fly over to commemorate 60 years since the end of WW2
1009- Indy 500- 100th Anniversary National Anthem Fly over representing DAV



Registration Number Date of Manufacture
N-7079Z 1944
Aircraft Role Nickname
Bomber Mitchell Bomber
Aircraft Type: Wingspan:
North American B-25 “Mitchell” 67 feet 7 inches
Overall length: Empty weight:
52 feet 11 inches 19,480 pounds
Gross weight: Fuel capacity:
35,000 pounds 1350 miles
Oil capacity Engine type:
37.5 gallons per side Two 1700 hp Wright R2600-35 radial piston engines
Propeller type: Max Speed
23E50 Hamilton Standard Hydramatic constant speed 313 mph
Rate of Climb Cruise Speed
200 kt
Service Ceiling Number of Crew
28,000 feet Two pilots
Armament Bomb Load
13 50cal Browning M-2 machine guns, 8 5″HVAR rockets external 4000 lbs bombs
Number Built Number Surviving
9889 32



Run in on air show bombing run Sunset at the USN Test Pilot School Flying with Doolittle Raider, Dick Cole.  At 96, He still flies perfect!


Panchito was in a sad state of neglect when Tom Reilly obtained it and began the restoration. Panchito was the third in a series of ELEVEN B-25’s restored by Tom Reilly. The restoration began with a total tear down of the plane, including removing most of the fuselage skin, separating the center section, and removal for rebuilt of all hydraulics, engines, and all accessories, instruments, controls, selectors, etc. etc. Center Section and bomb bay areas required a total rebuild due to modifications that had been done to convert the plane to a fire bomber in 1960. Restoration was completed in 1986. Larry Kelley completed the armament package and turret restoration after obtaining the plane in 1997

Restoration Images

Panchito in Tom Reilly Storage Yard wating for restoration Flight deck before restoration File0259



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