Dave Jester’s Yak 52

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This aircraft served in the Russian DOSAAF but flew for only 120 hours before being removed from service. The airframe was located in storage and transferred to Lithuania where she was converted to a conventional landing gear configuration by Termekas. The restoration began in 2007 and was completed in 2008. She has an upgraded 400 HP M14 engine and retains many of the original Russian instruments. She underwent a makeover in 2012 with a complete restoration of the cowling in April/May 2012 when some issues were discovered while performing routine maintanence. During this time, the aircraft underwent a minor makeover with safety and information placards being completely redone. The nose art, while not original to the aircraft, was completely redone. She is now the “deadly jester.”. Just a look at the cowling will provide the explanation of the name. She is economical and a delight to fly.



Registration Number Date of Manufacture
N152TD 1984
Aircraft Role Nickname
Aircraft Type: Wingspan:
Yakovlev YAK-52, YAK-52TW 30 feet 6.25 inches
Overall length: Empty weight:
25 feet 5 inches 2238 pounds
Gross weight: Fuel capacity:
2877 pounds 310 miles
Oil capacity Engine type:
3.5 gallons Single Vedenyev M-14P radial piston engine
Propeller type: Max Speed
MT 9 223 mph
Rate of Climb Cruise Speed
Fast 130 knots
Service Ceiling Number of Crew
13125 feet Two
Armament Bomb Load
None None
Number Built Number Surviving
1800 1200





Restoration Images




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