Mike LeTrello Taylorcraft L-2

Mike LeTrello Taylorcraft L-2

US Specialty Insurance Company

Taylorcraft L-2B, s/n 43-201
Manufactured in Alliance, OH and received by the USAAF on 30 Jan 1943
Mar 1943 went to Post Field, Grand Haven, MI (assigned to the US Army Ground Forces)
Aug 1943 went to Advance Glider school (AAF Flying Training Command) South Plains AAF, TX
Jul 1944 went to 254rd AAF Base unit (Basic Pilot School, AAFFTC), Waco AAF, TX and 4121st AAF Base Unit (Air Technical Service Command, Kelly AAF, TX (storage)
Oct 1944 Disposed as surplus by Defense Plant Corp, Denver, CO



Registration Number Date of Manufacture
N47727 1943
Aircraft Role Nickname
Liaison, glider and pilot training “Grasshopper”
Aircraft Type: Wingspan:
Taylorcraft L-2 35 feet 5 inches
Overall length: Empty weight:
22 feet 9 inches 831 pounds
Gross weight: Fuel capacity:
1300 pounds 14 gals, 230 miles
Oil capacity Engine type:
4 qts Single 65 hp Continental O-170-3 piston engine
Propeller type: Max Speed
Sensenich wood 102 mph
Rate of Climb Cruise Speed
450 ft/min 85
Service Ceiling Number of Crew
16,000 feet Two
Armament Bomb Load
None None
Number Built Number Surviving
1726 150+



Finally flying


Been in restoration for almost 14 years by three different owners. As the third owner, I took the project over 3 years ago with my good friends Jim Johnson, Pat Devine and finished the aircraft June 2012.

Restoration Images

wing covering and new fuel tanks made



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