“Old Crow” North American Aviation P-51B

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1944: Nov 14 – Crashed – pilot Dean R Gilmore killed – 3m SSE Claremont FL
During a low-level navigation training mission around Lake Louise in Florida, Lt. Gilmore struck the water and crashed. Close by fisherman located Gilmore and brought him ashore. He did not survive the crash.

2001: Low water levels in Lake Louise caused the discovery of the P-51B wreckage.
2002: Wreck purchased by Jack Roush
2003: Jul 24, N551E, Jack Roush, Livonia MI
2004: Restoration at Art Teeters – Cal Pacific Airmotive in Salinas, Ca
2008: June 8 – First Post-restoration flight.
2008: July – Aircraft arrives at Oshkosh, piloted by Jack Roush, receives Reserve Grand Champion and Golden Wrench Awards.



Registration Number Date of Manufacture
N551E 1943
Aircraft Role Nickname
Fighter Mustang
Aircraft Type: Wingspan:
North American P-51 “Mustang” 37 feet .5 inches
Overall length: Empty weight:
32 feet 9 inches 7125 pounds
Gross weight: Fuel capacity:
12,100 pounds 1300 miles
Oil capacity Engine type:
Single 1695 hp Packard Merlin V-1650-7 V12 piston engine
Propeller type: Max Speed
Hamilton Standard, 4 blades 437 mph
Rate of Climb Cruise Speed
235 mph
Service Ceiling Number of Crew
41,900 feet Single
Armament Bomb Load
Six 12.7 mm wing mounted machine guns Two 1000 lb bombs or Six Rockets
Number Built Number Surviving
15018 Only P-51B flying.




Ground up restoration by Art Teeters and crew at Cal-Pacific Airmotive, Salinas, Ca.

Restoration Images





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