Ryan Navion Model A modified

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Built by Ryan Aeronautical in San Diego, California from an original North American design and remaining parts from North American. The aircraft went through various owners until purchased as an “original unmodified” Navion model A in 1978. After that period, I flew the aircraft back from Holister, CA. and began to familiarize myself with the flight characteristics. I slowly began a flying restoration program to prevent stalling on progress and financial hardship. First to go was the interior. Under the worn interior was another base material of sage green indicating that this machine nearly became enlisted by the USAF as an L-17B liaison aircraft. Over 250 of the Navions were secured by the Airforce as general purpose “hacks”. I was intrigued by another use for this model however,as a Navy trainer. In 1952,Ryan Aircraft competed with Beechcraft for a Navy trainer contract. Ryan built one aerobatic Navion B with side by side seating and control sticks including a bubble canopy. This aircraft,designated Model 72,actually was rated highly by the Navy after trainer evaluations as being more agile and powerful than the Beech Mentor. Unfortunately the Navy wanted a tandem trainer (the newly designated T-34) the model 72 became a lonewolf civilian aircraft. The original “72” was damaged after a crash from fuel starvation and was secured by Don Goldman in Pacoima,CA.Don sold the wreck to Richard Buchcanon and finally to another party for a rebuild. My efforts were to copy the bubble canopy, upgrade the power, strengthen the airframe and provide model 72 “looks” and performance.N4560K provides a progressive approach and upgrades that would possibly have followed if the “72” was selected as Navy trainers indicated by an artists’ rendering, published on the cover of the orginal NATOPS manual for the “72”.



Registration Number Date of Manufacture
N4560K 1948
Aircraft Role Nickname
Liaison, Trainer
Aircraft Type: Wingspan:
Navion A modified to some Model 72 Navy Military standards
Overall length: Empty weight:
Gross weight: Fuel capacity:
3150 120 gallons
Oil capacity Engine type:
12 qts TSIO-520 Continental
Propeller type: Max Speed
Mccauley 3 blade 198mph
Rate of Climb Cruise Speed
1500 ft./min. 175kts.
Service Ceiling Number of Crew
25000 5
Armament Bomb Load
Number Built Number Surviving
2500 Navions, 1 model 72 variant 1 original in restoration





Restoration Images




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