Skyhawk Ventures A-4C Skyhawk

Skyhawk Ventures A-4C Skyhawk

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Skyhawk Ventures spent eight years searching for scrapped or surplus parts, reworking, and completing the build-up and restoration of N2262Z. The forward fuselage section serves as the backbone of the original aircraft (USN BuNo 149606). This aircraft has a remarkable combat history having served multiple combat tours in Viet Nam with the VA 216 Black Diamonds” and VA-192 World Famous Golden Dragons.

There are at least two former members of the Blue Angels with Viet Nam combat log book entries for this aircraft. Lew Chatham and Rick Millson. Rick sustained combat damage, leaving a large hole in the wing, but was able to fly 149606 back aboard his ship.

Today the aircraft is in VA-86 markings to celebrate one of the owners, Lt Dan Carr’s Viet Nam service in VA-86.

Former A-4C pilots check your log books and let Skyhawk Ventures know if you ever flew this “Scooter,” bureau number 149606. The last entry in the Navy’s records was in 1970 VC-1.

The Navy operated the A-4 in both Regular Navy and Naval Reserve light attack squadrons (VA). Although the A-4’s use as a training and adversary aircraft would continue well into the 1990s, the Navy began removing the aircraft from its front line attack squadrons in 1967, with the last ones (Super Foxes of VA-55/212/164) being retired in 1976. TA-4J models belonging to the composite squadrons remained in Navy use as adversary aircraft, for combat training. These aircraft were officially retired in 2003.

The Skyhawk Ventures LLC A-4C is flown today by Larry “The Worm” Elmore. Larry has extensive A4 Skyhawk flight experience. Larry has flown the A-4“B”, “C”, “E”, “F” and the trainer version the T-A4J

Larry is a 20 year US Navy veteran with an impeccable Vietnam combat record. Larry was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, and 7 Air medals.

N2262Z was the Sun n Fun 2012 Peoples Choice award winner for the Jet category. See photo with crew holding the award



Registration Number Date of Manufacture
N2262Z August 1960
Aircraft Role Nickname
Bomber, Light Attack Scooter
Aircraft Type: Wingspan:
Douglas A-4C Skyhawk 27 ft 6 in
Overall length: Empty weight:
42ft 2 in 9615 lbs
Gross weight: Fuel capacity:
14000 lbs 1,107 gals
Oil capacity Engine type:
Curtis Wright J-65-W16A
Propeller type: Max Speed
Rate of Climb Cruise Speed
5,500 ft/min (w Ext tanks) 432 kias
Service Ceiling Number of Crew
Armament Bomb Load
Number Built Number Surviving
2,960 Many static have survived this is the only true “C” currently flying



Skyhawk Ventures Team  Top  Larry Elmore, Porter Spangler, Dan Carr   B Tom Riggi, Phil Ricker Dave Brown



Restoration Images




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