Tim Kolp’s T-34B

Tim Kolp’s T-34B

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The Navy accepted BG-279 in November 1965 at Pensacola, Fl. She spent her career at Pensacola, Fl from 1956 until August 1970. As a primary trainer, she conducted 4 tours of duty logging, 7,461 hours of flying, and had approximately 28,950 landings. In November 1970, she was transferred to Davis Monthan AFB, “The Bone yard,” and sat idle until 1983 when a prop was removed for a military spare part. She was then preserved, awaiting a future home. (Data obtained from military records)

In Jul 1994, BG-279 was released to Weaver Aircraft Company in Carson NV. There the restoration took place over the next 5 years. The aircraft was acquired by Keith Grinstein of Seattle, WA and flown until his untimely passing in 2009. The tail number is Keith’s birthday and initials.

I acquired the “Black Beauty” in April 2010. The history of the paint scheme goes back to Weaver Aircraft. They used the 4450th Test Group colors. This group tested and maintained the F-117 aircraft. All aircraft owned by this TG were painted black.

The aircraft is equipped with an IO-550G, STEC -55, and Garmin 430. As with all T-34s, she flies great.



Registration Number Date of Manufacture
N617KG 1953
Aircraft Role Nickname
Trainer Mentor
Aircraft Type: Wingspan:
Beechcraft T-34 Mentor 32 feet 10 inches
Overall length: Empty weight:
25 feet 10 inches 2055 US pounds
Gross weight: Fuel capacity:
2900 pounds 770 miles
Oil capacity Engine type:
12 Single 225 hp O-470 piston engine
Propeller type: Max Speed
Hartzell, 3 Blade 188 mph
Rate of Climb Cruise Speed
1500 155 mph
Service Ceiling Number of Crew
Two Tandem
Armament Bomb Load
None None
Number Built Number Surviving
1300+ 400+



T-34 B, N617KG Spinning Prop on Ground T-34B, N617KG Flying close-up



Restoration Images



T-34 at my website


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