Acme Flyers Fairchild PT-19

Acme Flyers Fairchild PT-19

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35 years ago, a disassembled but complete Fairchild PT-19 (M62A) was trucked to Flabob and stored in a small hangar.  Over the years, the owners paid rent faithfully; but lost interest and abandoned the aircraft.  Eventually, the hangar doors jammed with dirt, and inches of dust hid the sleeping warbird.   In 2007, the remaining living owner donated the aircraft to Flabob, the doors were pried open, and the hidden treasure was revealed.
The abandoned PT-19 was a natural for Don Newman, it would be his second, and a chance for him to regain a Fairchild.  When he submitted his request to Homestead the project, the Wathen Foundation Trustees approved unanimously.   Don set to work with gusto, first rebuilding the dusty old hangar that held the aircraft, then on to the tedious work of rebuilding a 70 year- old wooden airplane.   Pops does everything with craftsman- like precision; soon the beautiful Fairchild emerged, restored exactly as it served at Garner Field, Uvalde, Texas in WWII.  Pops says “I kinda got it down on the second airplane, took me a year less; I remembered valuable lessons from the first project.”
The first flight was on October 26th, all of Flabob was elated, but the biggest grin of all was on the face of Pops who took his beautiful one dollar “airplane in a barn” out of the shadows and into the sky.



Registration Number Date of Manufacture
N-48671 1941
Aircraft Role Nickname
Primary Trainer Cradle of Heroes
Aircraft Type: Wingspan:
Fairchild PT-19/PT-23/PT-26 36 feet
Overall length: Empty weight:
27 feet 8.5 inches 2022 pounds
Gross weight: Fuel capacity:
2736 pounds 400 miles
Oil capacity Engine type:
4 Gal. Single 200 hp Ranger L440 inverted inline piston engine, or 220 hp Continental W670 radial piston en
Propeller type: Max Speed
  122 mph
Rate of Climb Cruise Speed
  95 mph
Service Ceiling Number of Crew
13,200 feet Two Tandem
Armament Bomb Load
None None
Number Built Number Surviving
7742 all variants 100+ all variants



Open the hangar doors after 30 years in storage Not a black & white photo.  That is 30 years of dirt and dust. Remove the cloth to get to the wood and frame



Restoration Images

New cloth Cover and paint the wings Engine




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