North American TF-51 Mustang “DiamondBack”

North American TF-51 Mustang “DiamondBack”

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DiamondBack History

Serial #: 45-11471
Built in Dallas, TX by North American Aviation
Delivered to USAAC 7/12/45

Stored at Oakland for several months, the aircraft was then transferred to the USAAF

January 22, 1946: 4160th Base Unit, Hobbs, New Mexico, Air Material Command – In Storage

March 31, 1947: 4121st Base Unit, Kelly Field, Texas

November 10, 1947: 27th Ftr., Kearney, Nebraska, Strategic Air Command

December 23, 1948: 4th Ftr., Langley AFB, Virginia, Continental Air Command

December 27, 1950: 71st Ftr., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Air Defense Command

71st Fighter, 134th FS (Vermont ANG), based at Pittsburgh, PA. and Ethan Allen Airport, Burlington, VT

37th Fighter, 156th FS (North Carolina ANG), based at Morris Field, Charlotte, NC

February 11, 1954: 167th Ftr. Sq., West Virginia Air National Guard, Martinsburg, W. VA

December 10, 1956: Storage, McClellan AFB, California, Air Material Command

Sold by AF May 1958 for $1003.45 to Bruce Jochim then sold to Samuel Mallen in 1958.

Owned by the Maytag family from 1958-1968 and flown in California and Colorado. During this time, the Mustang flew several air races.

1964: Harold’s Club (transcontinental) — 1st place
1965: Harold’s Club (transcontinental) – 3rd place
1966: Los Angeles Air Races — 3rd place
Reno Air Races — 3rd place

David Zeuschel owned the airplane from 68-79.

Aircraft was sold to Barkley in 1979 and crashed on 8/21/79 near Borreago Springs, CA. The aircraft was destroyed and Barkley killed.

Alan Preston purchased the wreckage and paperwork in 1983 to build a Reno Racer. During this period, the aircraft flew as Racer #84 Stiletto.

Preston sold the aircraft in 1987 to Sherman Aircraft in Florida.

David Price purchased the aircraft in 1989 and continued racing at Reno as Stiletto through 1993.

During Stiletto’s Reno Racing career:
* 1984: Skip Holm won Unlimited Gold in Stiletto at 437.621 mph
* Made the gold race 5 more times
* Never finished better than 4th before
* Retired after the 1993 race
* Highest speed in any race at Reno 449.792 mph

Pete Regina started a ground up restoration in 1993. Art Teeters and Kent Rockwell contributed wing and TF conversion work during the rebuild.

Aircraft returned to Reno in 1997 and was sold to David Jeansonne.

In 1998, Bob Jepson bought the aircraft and continued its restoration with Stallion 51 in Florida.

Mark Peterson purchased the aircraft in 2005.



Registration Number Date of Manufacture
N51ZM 1945
Aircraft Role Nickname
Aircraft Type: Wingspan:
North American P-51 “Mustang” 37 feet .5 inches
Overall length: Empty weight:
32 feet 9 inches 7125 pounds
Gross weight: Fuel capacity:
12,100 pounds 1300 miles
Oil capacity Engine type:
Single 1695 hp Packard Merlin V1650-7 V12 piston engine
Propeller type: Max Speed
437 mph
Rate of Climb Cruise Speed
330 mph
Service Ceiling Number of Crew
41,900 feet Two
Armament Bomb Load
Six 12.7 mm wing mounted machine guns Two 1000 lb bombs or Six Rockets
Number Built Number Surviving
15018 120+





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